What came out first android or iphone

What came out first iPhone or Samsung?

The first iPhone was launched June 29th 2007 whilst the first Samsung Galaxy (Android) smartphone was released June 29th 2009, a full 2 years after. … The first iPhone was launched June 29th 2007 whilst the first Samsung Galaxy (Android) smartphone was released June 29th 2009, a full 2 years after.

Which is older iPhone or Android?

Apparently, Android OS did come before iOS or iPhone, but it wasn’t called that and was in its rudimentary form. Furthermore the first true Android device, the HTC Dream (G1), came almost one year after the release of the iPhone.

When did the first iPhone come out?

Jan. 9, 2007

When was the first Android phone released?

September 23, 2008

Is Apple better than Samsung?

Though both stocks trade below overall average market multiples due to their reliance on hardware, which Wall Street values lower than software, Samsung is clearly cheaper Apple. However, both companies have excellent balance sheets and also pay out healthy dividends to investors.

Is a Samsung better than an iPhone?

The iPhone 11 Pro is the most refined Apple phone yet, as much as the Galaxy S10 is the among the best versions of Samsung’s line. Which is as much to say that neither have made great strides ahead of their predecessors, but they’re the top choices available for each series if you don’t want to go ‘Plus’ or ‘Max’.

Who sold more iPhones or androids?

In the United States, the proportion of sales of iPhones over Android is slightly changing in the latter’s favor according to the data. The proportion of iOS device sales shrank from 38.1% in Q3 2018 to 36.1% in Q3 2019, a year-on-year decline of 2%, while Android gained 1.8% from 61.8% last year to 63.6% this year.

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Is Android better than Apple?

Android handily beats the iPhone because it provides a lot more flexibility, functionality and freedom of choice. … But even though iPhones are the best that they’ve ever been, Android handsets still offer a far better combination of value and features than Apple’s limited lineup.

Who had the first smartphone?

Rob Stothard/Getty People didn’t start using the term “smartphone” until 1995, but the first true smartphone actually made its debut three years earlier in 1992. It was called the Simon Personal Communicator, and it was created by IBM more than 15 years before Apple released the iPhone.

Why do iPhones break after 2 years?

Apple intentionally slows down iPhones as they get older. … There is some good reason for Apple to do this. By their nature, lithium-ion batteries degrade over time, storing less and less of a charge. This happens very quickly on a device we use 24/7.

Is there going to be an iPhone 12?

We’re a few months away from the launch of the 2020 iPhones, which are expected in September or October 2020, but there are already dozens of rumors about the upcoming devices. … At a rumored 5.4 inches, the 2020 iPhone 12 will be the smallest iPhone Apple has released since the 4.7-inch iPhone SE.

What did the first iPhone cost?


Who is the owner of Android?


What is the oldest Android phone?

Long before the likes of the the Samsung Galaxy range Google took the smartphone scene to a new level with the arrival of Android on the T-Mobile G1. Ten years ago the HTC made, slider keyboard device was the first to use the operating system. Essentially the G1 was the world’s first Android smartphone.

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