What colors does the iphone 6s plus come in

What color is the iPhone 6s Plus?

Spec-by-Spec ComparisoniPhone 6s PlusColoursSilver, Space Gay, Gold and Rose GoldCPUA9 chip with 64-bit architecture with Embedded M9 motion coprocessorStorage16, 64, 128DisplayRetina HD Display with 3D Touch: 5.5-inch LED-backlit with IPS multi-touch and Taptic Engine

What colors does iPhone 6s come in?

The iPhone 6S colours available to buy are as follows:

  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Space Grey.
  • Rose Gold.

Is there a black iPhone 6s?

Previous generations of the iPhone were only available in two colors, white and black, making it easy to pick your favorite hue. … Now with the iPhone 6s, the company is adding a fourth color — rose gold — an option that first appeared with the Apple Watch.

Is the iPhone 6s plus still good in 2020?

Definitely, both iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus still worth buying with your money and will not frustrate you in 2020. And most importantly Apple support for iPhone 6S series might continue till 2021. Another most popular model of the iPhone was the iPhone SE with a 4-inch display.

How long will iPhone 6s Plus last?

The iPhone 6s Plus will last as long as you take care of it. You may need to put a new battery in it every 3–5 years, and eventually Apple will no longer support it with newer versions of iOS, but that doesn’t mean you will not be able to use it.

Is the iPhone 6s plus waterproof?

The bottom line is that Apple didn’t highlight waterproofing as a new feature because the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus aren’t waterproof. They may be mildly water resistant, and may be able to survive a speedy dunk, if King Neptune gets a proper grip on your shiny new handset, it’s history.

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Which color of iPhone 6s is most popular?

iPhone 6s colors

As our poll’s results are now showing, space gray is the favorite iPhone 6s color for almost half of those who voted (49.61%). Next, with 19.51% of votes, we have rose gold, which is very popular in the US.

Which color iPhone is the best?

Traditional option Silver iPhone 11 Pro

Nearly as iconic as Space Gray, Silver has been a popular iPhone color choice for many years. On the top-of-the-line iPhone 11 Pro series, the silver stands out and goes with anything.

What iPhone color is the most popular?

iPhone Color Options

The most common phone colors across Apple handsets are black, silver, gold, rose gold, and the high sheen jet black.

Why is my iPhone 6s black and white?

Your iPhone has changed to black and white because “Grayscale”, an Accessibility setting that was introduced in iOS 8, has accidentally been turned on. Grayscale mode makes it easier for people with color-blindness and difficulty seeing to use the iPhone. It’s an lifesaver if you have difficulty seeing colors.

What color is the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available in three colors; gold, space gray and silver.

How much is an iPhone 6s Plus in 2020?

Current Apple iPhone 6S Plus prices start at $120 as of September 2020.

iPhone 6S Plus Best Prices September 2020.CarrierPrice in USAiPhone 6S Plus, T-Mobile$139iPhone 6S Plus, Unlocked Non-US$160iPhone 6S Plus, Unlocked$149iPhone 6S Plus, Verizon$165

Will iPhone 6s plus get iOS 14?

iOS 14 is compatible with the iPhone 6s and later, which means it runs on all devices able to run iOS 13, and it is available for download as of September 16.

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