What does bold text look like on iphone

Do you use bold text on iPhone?

For bold text, you’ll need to head to Settings > Display & Brightness. From there, you can toggle Bold Text on or off. Note that turning it on or off will require a reboot of your iPhone or iPad.

How do you make text bold on iPhone?

How to Enable Bold Text on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the “Settings” app in iOS.
  2. Go to “Display & Brightness”
  3. Scroll down to find ‘Bold Text’ and toggle the switch to the ON position.
  4. Accept that you will restart the iPhone or iPad for Bold Fonts to take effect.

How do you make your text bold?

Here’s how you can format text on WhatsApp:

  1. Italic: To italicize your message, place an underscore on both sides of the text, like so:
  2. Bold: To send text in bold, place an asterisk on both sides of the text, like so:
  3. text.
  4. Strikethrough: To strikethrough your message, place a tilde on both sides of the text, like so:

How do I enable Biu on my iPhone?

Easy! Double-tap a word to highlight it and drag the indicators to select multiple words if you want. Then, a menu will pop up. Tap “BIU” here, then select from one of the four options: Bold, Italic, Underline, or Strikethrough.

Can you strikethrough text on iPhone?

IOS doesn’t have mechanism for strikethrough. Bold, italic, and underline are the options. And combinations, Some apps do offer strikethrough. … But the standard iOS apps (mail, messages, etc) don’t.

How do you underline text on phone?

You can now italicize, underline, and bold text, as well as change the color of the text and background. Just highlight the text you want to change, then hit the underlined A icon up top to bring up the formatting options.

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How do you italicize in a text message?

How to italicize text on an iPhone in Mail

  1. Open the Mail app.
  2. Create a new message or reply to an email and type your text into the body of the email.
  3. Select the word you want to italicize by double tapping the word. …
  4. Tap “BIU,” which stands for bold, italics, and underline.
  5. Tap “Italic.”

What’s the BIU button?

The word “psychics” will turn blue and above it another bar appears. This time the bar includes the option “B-I-U” (bold, italics, underline). If you are looking at a smaller screen (the iPhone) you may have to touch an arrow on the side of the bar to extend it in order to see this option.

What is a BIU button?

You do that by editing the action, which can be done on a phone or an ipad. To trigger such an action on an iPhone, you’d use the normal “underline” button that appears when you select some text (it’s that black pop-up, then the BIU button, then “underline”).

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