What is call waiting iphone

What is the call waiting feature on iPhone?

That’s where Call waiting comes in, a feature that lets you have two separate calls and lets you interact with an incoming call. Disabling the feature will force all incoming calls to go to voicemail if you’re currently in a call.

What is call waiting option?

Find and tap Phone. Tap the menu button (three vertical dots), then tap Settings. Tap Calls → Call Waiting. Tap the switch beside Call waiting to enable the function.

What happens when you turn off call waiting on iPhone?

Call Waiting is the feature that allows you to hear another incoming call when you’re already on active phone call, often referred to as a ‘beep’. … Turning off Call Waiting means that incoming callers will be sent directly to voicemail if you’re actively on any call with the iPhone.

What is call waiting and call forwarding?

Call Forwarding: The Call Forwarding icon ( ) appears in the status bar when call forwarding is on. You must be in range of the cellular network when you set iPhone to forward calls, or calls won’t be forwarded. Call Waiting: If you’re on a call and call waiting is turned off, incoming calls go directly to voicemail.

How do I accept another call on my iPhone?

How to answer a second incoming call on your iPhone

  1. Tap Hold Call + Answer to put your current call on hold and answer your second incoming call. When you choose this option, the active multiple calls screen appears.
  2. End Call + Answer to disconnect with your current call and answer your second incoming call.
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What happens if call waiting is on?

With call waiting, the caller will not hear a busy signal if the line is being used, but hear the normal ringing. … For the party receiving the call, call waiting means the call they are on will not block the line when waiting for an important call.

How do you answer a call waiting call?

Use Call Waiting

  1. While on a call, a special tone alerts you that another call is coming in.
  2. Briefly press the receiver button or flash button and release it. …
  3. To return to the first call, briefly press the receiver or flash button again and release it. …
  4. To end the first call and answer the second, simply hang up.

How can I check call waiting without calling?

1 Answer. This is easy all you need is to install true caller. Its got availability feature and when you see a green dot then you’ll know the person is on. When you see a red dot, that’s when you’ll know the person is currently busy.

Can you turn call waiting off on iPhone?

In that case, you can turn off call waiting by following these steps: On the Home screen, tap Settings. … Tap the Call Waiting switch to Off. Your iPhone disables call waiting.

How do I fix call waiting on my iPhone?

1. Find “Call Waiting”

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press Phone.
  3. Press Call Waiting.
  4. Press the indicator next to “Call Waiting” to activate or deactivate the function.
  5. Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the display to return to the Home screen.
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Can I forward a call from my cell phone?

Open the Phone app on your smartphone (or use the dial pad on your basic phone). Enter *72 and then enter the 10-digit phone number where you want your calls to be forwarded. (e.g., *72-908-123-4567). … Tap the Call icon and wait to hear a confirmation tone or message.

What is a 411 call?

411 Search is directory assistance with automatic call completion. An operator will assist you when you request: Phone numbers. Addresses. Information for almost any place of interest, like restaurants, movies or the nearest florist.

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