What is messenger on iphone

Is Messenger free on iPhone?

The Messenger app is a free download from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. … Messenger works across all mobile and desktop devices, so your friends don’t have to be on iOS devices to receive your messages. You can share photos, start a group video call, and send emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

How do I get messenger on my iPhone?

Install the Facebook Messenger App

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone.
  2. Select Search.
  3. In the Search box, enter Messenger.
  4. In the results list, tap either Messenger or Facebook Messenger.
  5. Tap Get to download the free Messenger app to your iPhone.

Can anyone see my messenger messages?

Facebook’s chat and messaging features are closed off to the rest of your network, so private communications between you and another user cannot be seen by anyone else (short of someone looking over your shoulder or logging into your account as you).

Is Messenger free to use?

Explainer: What is Messenger? Facebook Messenger is a FREE mobile messaging app used for instant messaging, sharing photos, videos, audio recordings and for group chats. The app, which is free to download, can be used to communicate with your friends on Facebook and with your phone contacts.

Does Messenger cost money?

Messenger Face-To-Face Time

If you have access, you’ll see the video camera icon in the top right corner when you’re having a Messenger chat with a friend who can be called. … It’s all free on Facebook’s side, and users will only be charged for data use by their mobile operator, which they can avoid by using Wi-Fi.

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How do I get on messenger?

How do I install Facebook Messenger on my Android device?

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Type ‘Messenger’ in the search field. …
  3. Find the app developed by ‘Facebook Inc’ – which should be at or near the top of the list –and select it. …
  4. Tap the ‘Install’ button.

How can I download two messenger in iPhone?

There is one way that you can use both accounts simultaneously and that is using Messenger Lite app, which is available on both iOS and Android. Once the download is complete, log in to your new account to use it simultaneously with the standard Messenger app.

Why is Messenger not working on my iPhone?

If Messenger is not working on your iPhone, you may be using an outdated version of the app. To check for a Messenger app update, open the App Store on your iPhone. Then, tap the Updates tab at the bottom of your iPhone’s display. On this page you’ll see a list of your apps that have updates available.

How do I put SMS on messenger?

To try it out, just open Messenger, tap on Settings (the person icon), select “SMS” from the list, and enable “Default SMS app.” After doing so, you’ll be able to view and respond to any SMS convos within Messenger. SMS messages will show up in purple while Messenger conversations will be blue.

Why messenger is not installing in my phone?

Delete data to make more space on your phone. Uninstall and reinstall your Messenger app from the Google Play Store. Update your Google Play Store app. Log out of your Google account on your device and then log in again.

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What is Messenger used for?

What is Facebook Messenger? Messenger is one of the free apps available on both Android and iOS to chat with friends and family. In many ways, you can draw many similarities against an equally popular WhatsApp program.

What’s the difference between messenger and messaging?

Messages is tied to the Android platform and will work on any smartphone that runs on a version of Android OS. That is not the case with Messenger. Messenger is deeply integrated into Facebook and not tied to any mobile OS. You can install Messenger on Android, iOS, and Windows (mobile and Windows 10) platforms.

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