What is podcasts on iphone

Are podcasts free on iPhone?

The Podcasts app is a free download on the App Store, but it usually come pre-installed on every new iPhone or iPad anyway. … You can search the Podcasts Store for a specific show or hit the Top Charts and Featured sections if you’re looking for something new.

What is a podcast and how do they work?

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient and integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices.

Are podcasts for free?

Free on iOS • Free on Android

You can create playlists, find new podcasts, listen to news, and more. It’s a free podcast app that offers a premium subscription service for $4.99/month to remove ads and listen to original shows.

Do podcasts on iPhone cost money?

Most podcasts are free, and you can subscribe and listen using Apple’s Podcasts app or any number of alternative apps.

Do you pay for podcasts?

Listening to audio programmes, or podcasts, is simple if you have access to the internet. You just need to find a podcast platform or app that suits you and then sample some of the many thousands of podcasts made around the world. All podcasts are free, and most are available via many different apps.

What is an example of a podcast?

The definition of a podcast is a multi-media digital file distributed over the Internet to be watched and listened to on a computer, iPod or other device. A radio program distributed exclusively over the Internet and listened to on people’s iPods is an example of a podcast.

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How do you get paid for podcasts?

If you too are interested in making more money from podcasting, here are eight different ways you can profit from your show:

  1. Podcast sponsorships. …
  2. Relationships. …
  3. Increase the sales of your products and services. …
  4. Coaching. …
  5. Affiliate marketing. …
  6. Books and audiobooks. …
  7. Crowdfunding. …
  8. Virtual summits.

What is the point of a podcast?

A podcast is a recording of audio discussion on a specific topic, like business or travel, that can be listened to. They’re often found on iTunes and Spotify but are sometimes hosted on websites. This dynamic medium can be a perfect way to deliver your daily dose of inspiration wherever your audience might be.

How do I get podcasts?

for Android. You can also download podcasts to listen offline, using the Android mobile app.

Visit http://play.google.com/music or open the Google Play Music app .

  1. Search for the podcast you would like to hear.
  2. In the search results, find Podcasts.
  3. Select the podcast to open a details page.

How do I find good podcasts?

Find your next favorite podcast

  1. Ask Spotify for help. The more podcasts you listen to, the more Spotify will understand what you like. …
  2. Ask Apple Podcasts for advice. Apple now has an app solely dedicated to podcasts. …
  3. Ask your podcast app to choose. Staff picks are always a safe way to find great podcasts. …
  4. Ask your friends (or strangers)

Is Spotify free for podcasts?

Spotify offers thousands of fantastic podcasts, and lets users listen to them by using two main tiers provided by Spotify for the individual: Free and Premium.

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Do podcasts use data on iPhone?

You the leave home again and while away from your Wi-Fi, you listen to those downloaded episodes, played by the Podcast app on the phone but from the stored area on the phone. Therefore, no data usage. … The episodes you listen to are audio programmes, whether you listen to them as a stream, a download or as a Podcast.

Do podcasts use a lot of data?

Podcasts. As a rule of thumb, we’ve found most podcasts are approximately 1MB per minute; if you’re wanting to listen to a 40 minute podcast, expect to use about 40MB of data.

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