What is the best podcast app for iphone

What is the best free podcast app for iPhone?

Podcast apps that are on both mobile platforms and some that have Mac, Windows, and Chromecast desktop apps.

  • Overcast. Free on iOS. …
  • Castro 3. Free on iOS. …
  • ListenApp. Free on iOS. …
  • Downcast. $2.99 on iOS. …
  • PodCruncher. $3.99 on iOS. …
  • iCatcher. $2.99 on iOS. …
  • Castaway 2. Free on iOS. …
  • Podkicker. $1.49 on the Google Play Store.

What is the best way to listen to podcasts on iPhone?

Wrap-up on best podcast app for iPhone

Overall, there are lots of great options for podcast apps. If you want a default Apple experience, use Apple Podcasts. If you want social features, Breaker is the best app for you. If you want the best overall audio experience, Overcast is hands down the best.

Is the podcast app free on iPhone?

The Podcasts app is a free download on the App Store, but it usually come pre-installed on every new iPhone or iPad anyway.

What is podcasts app on iPhone?

Apple’s built-in Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad you lets you stream and download all your favorite shows, and discover new ones. … You can subscribe, sync, and customize it just the way you like it!15 мая 2019 г.

How do I manage podcasts on my iPhone?

Tap the Podcasts icon and on the next screen displaying the list of shows, swipe from right to left on a podcast title to get a Delete button; you can also tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner to tap and delete several podcast episodes at once.

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Where is the podcast app on my iPhone?

On your iOS device, go to the Settings app. Scroll to Podcasts, tap it, then tap Sync Podcasts. On your Mac, open the Podcasts app, choose Podcasts > Preferences from the menu bar. Click Advanced, then select “Sync subscriptions across devices.”29 мая 2020 г.

How do I listen to a podcast on my iPhone without using data?

How to Change Podcast Settings to Listen Without Using Data

  1. Step 1: Open Your iPhone’s general Settings tab. …
  2. Step 2: Tap on the Podcasts app.
  3. Step 3: Turn off Cellular Data & Turn on Only Download on Wi-Fi. …
  4. Step 4: From the same screen, select the Notifications setting (above Cellular Data)

What is the number one podcast?

Top podcastsPodcast Industry RankingTop 20 Podcasts1The DailyThe New York Times2NPR News Now*NPR3Up FirstNPR

Does it cost money to subscribe to a podcast?

Music fans who are used to purchasing songs through iTunes may be accustomed to paying a dollar or more per song, but podcasts are almost always completely free. In some cases, while you may be able to receive the newest editions of podcasts for free after you subscribe, the previous editions of shows may cost money.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Apple podcasts?

After that, subscriptions cost $5 per month for students, $10 a month for individuals, and $15 per month for family groups of up to six.

Do you pay for podcasts?

Listening to audio programmes, or podcasts, is simple if you have access to the internet. You just need to find a podcast platform or app that suits you and then sample some of the many thousands of podcasts made around the world. All podcasts are free, and most are available via many different apps.

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