What is the difference between iphone 7 and 7 plus

Is iPhone 7s the same as 7 plus?

Processor: Powering these phones is the A10, which gave it a speed boost compared to the iPhone 6 series. … Display: The 7 has a 4.7-inch display, while the Plus has a larger 5.5-inch screen. Both are a Multi-Touch abled with IPS technology and Retina HD display.7 мая 2018 г.

Is the iPhone 7 Plus still a good phone?

Best answer: We don’t recommend getting an iPhone 7 Plus right now because Apple no longer sells it. If you craving that big and chunky chassis with Touch ID, the iPhone 8 Plus is a better buy. There are other options if you’re looking for something newer as well, like the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Is OnePlus 7 better than iPhone?

Video: OnePlus 7 Pro packs top features for less than $700

The iPhone has a IP67 rating while the Galaxy is rated at iP68. The OnePlus 7 Pro lacks both of those features. The OnePlus 7 Pro has triple rear cameras one of which can capture 48-megapixel photos.28 мая 2019 г.

Is iPhone 7 plus wireless charging?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus don’t come with wireless charging built in, but you can add this functionality yourself using a few key accessories.

Is iPhone 7 plus waterproof?

iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus have a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes). Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.

Is the iPhone 7 Plus still worth buying in 2020?

And in 2020, if you’re after BIG value for money, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are 100% worth a look, especially if you want to save A LOT of money instead of going with Apple’s latest iPhone releases.

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Is iPhone 7 still a good buy in 2020?

Best answer: Apple doesn’t sell the iPhone 7 anymore, and although you may be able to find one used or through a carrier, it’s not worth buying right now. If you’re looking for a cheap phone, the iPhone 8 is sold by Apple, and it’s very similar to the iPhone 7.

Is iPhone 8 plus still worth buying in 2020?

Best answer: If you want a larger iPhone at a lower price, the iPhone 8 Plus is a great option thanks to its 5.5-inch screen, massive battery, and dual cameras.

Which phone is best iPhone 7 or OnePlus 7?

Compare Apple iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 7VariantsApple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 128GB Apple iPhone 7 256GBOnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 256GBUser Rating4.9/5 | Read User Reviews4.2/5 | Read User ReviewsperformanceApple A10 FusionSnapdragon 855storage32 GB128 GBcamera12 MP48 MP + 5 MP

Which is better iPhone 11 or OnePlus 7?

The OnePlus 7 does run on at least 50% more RAM than the OnePlus 11 (6GB vs 4GB), but of course Android is way more memory-hungry than iOS. … If the iPhone 11 looks set to dominate the internal specs round, the OnePlus 7 is on course to win the display round.

Which phone is better in iPhone?

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the one to buy if you want the biggest screen and the best battery life you can possibly get on an iPhone. The new iPhone SE (2020) is undeniably the best value for an iPhone, as it runs on the same powerful chip as the iPhone 11 series and offers the excellent iOS experience.

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Does iPhone 7 have face ID?

6. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have Touch ID, which works faster and more reliably than Face ID on the iPhone X. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is used to unlock the phone and authenticate Apple Pay purchases. It’s also used to sign into some apps.

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