What is the price of an iphone 5s

What is the value of an iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5, 5c, and 5sStorage16GB32GBiPhone 5$8 – $100$120iPhone 5c$90 – $150$90 – $150iPhone 5s$60 – $130$140

Is the iPhone 5s worth buying in 2020?

Why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 5S in 2020

As for the cameras, it’s no longer impressive and it will probably be surpassed by budget Android smartphones in terms of quality in the next few months or so. If you really want a small phone, you might be better off with an iPhone SE.

What is the price of iPhone 5s in Philippines?

Apple iPhone 5s Price PhilippinesModel NamePrice in the PhilippinesApple iPhone 5s 16GB (Space Grey)₱4,150Apple iPhone 5s 16GB (Silver)₱4,150Apple iPhone 5s 32GB (Space Grey)₱4,500Apple iPhone 5s 64GB (Silver)₱4,700

What is the price of iPhone 5s 16gb in India?

Apple iPhone 5s smartphone price in India is Rs 43,090.

Can I sell my iPhone 5s?

To sell your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB and get the most cash for it, just follow these simple steps. Send your device – Choose an offer you like the look of, and click it to go to the buyer and enter your details. They’ll then send you a postage pack so you can mail them your Apple iPhone 5S 16GB.

Can I trade in an iPhone 5s?

If you’re ready to buy a new Apple product online (apple.com or the Apple Store app), you can trade in an old device and get credit toward your purchase. If you’re not ready to make a purchase, you can trade in your old device online for an Apple Gift Card by email that you can apply to any future Apple purchase.

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How long will iPhone 5s be supported?

5 years

How many years does an iPhone 5s last?

As a computing device, it can also last a very long time if you are happy with the apps that are on the phone even when they stop getting updates due to the phones age. As long as you are willing to have the battery replaced every 3–5 years, there’s no reason an iPhone 5s couldn’t last 20 years or longer.

Are iPhone 5s any good?

There’s is not much to say about the iPhone 5S’s performance here other than that it’s blisteringly fast and very reliable. … The newer iOS 8 is even better and the iPhone 5S runs perfectly with it on too. It’s the Apple app store that makes iOS a great platform.

Is the iPhone 5s still good in 2019?

Every product of apple gets regular updates, still if you are looking up to buy 5s in 2019 it will absolutely not be consider a better deal as apple has already launched above two versions after iPhone X, so it will better if you sum up a bit and buy a 6s as well.

How much is iPhone 5s 64gb in the Philippines?

Apple iPhone 5s 64GB Price summary in the PhilippinesShop NamePriceDelivery FeeShopeeP3,418Shipping chargedopenpinoyP6,799Contact ShopGalleonP10,809Shipping chargedEXPANSYSP21,994.99Shipping charged

What is the cheapest iPhone you can buy?

iPhone SE: The cheapest iPhone Apple sells

In fact, the iPhone SE does the iPhone 8 one better by reducing the asking price for what you need to spend on a new iPhone at Apple. The iPhone 8 used to cost $449. The iPhone SE lowers that starting price to $399.

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Is a iPhone 5s waterproof?

Question: Q: Is the iPhone 5S waterproof

no! no!

What size is an iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5SiPhone 5S in GoldTypeSmartphoneForm factorSlateDimensions123.8 mm (4.87 in) H 58.6 mm (2.31 in) W 7.6 mm (0.30 in) DMass112 g (3.95 oz)

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