What is the song in the iphone 7 commercial

What is the song called in the Apple commercial?


Who sings the song on the new iPhone commercial?

Rhiannon Giddens

What is the shot on iPhone song called?

Lose You to Love Me

Are you even real Apple commercial?

The latest Apple “Behind the Mac” ad spot features Grammy award-winning artist James Blake at work in his L.A. home studio. … In the latest installment of the ad campaign, Blake can be seen working on his latest track, “Are you even real,” using Logic Pro X on his MacBook Pro.

Who is in the new iPhone commercial?

Peter Koch

Who is the girl in iPhone 11 commercial?

Carly Foulkes

What does the shot on iPhone mean?

Apple today announced the Shot on iPhone winning photos for the contest it started in January. … The photographers and their compositions will be featured in an online gallery, on Apple’s Instagram page, and be part of a global billboard ad campaign.

What does shot on iPhone mean Tik Tok?

The ‘Shot On iPhone’ TikTok Trend Perfectly Parodies Apple’s iPhone Ads. … The campaign, which featured footage filmed with the iPhone camera, aimed to highlight the quality of the Apple products. The company’s foray into user-shot home videos began during the promotional rollout of the iPhone 6.

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