What is voxer for iphone

What is voxer and how does it work?

Voxer is a free app that combines the best of voice, text, photo and video messages for a powerful and personal messaging tool. Easily and instantly communicate with friends, family or teams at work – live or later. Voxer works over any 3G, 4G, or WIFI network in the world.

What is voxer app used for?

That said, Voxer is an app being used by teens that has been linked to some very serious cyber bulling cases. Voxer allows a user to send a real-time voice message (like a walkie-talkie) to another Voxer user. Users can also leave Voxer messages much like a voicemail.

Is voxer free to use?

Unlike other push-to-talk services and systems, Voxer also has integrated text, photo, and location sharing which can be sent alongside voice messaging. You can talk to individuals or groups of up to 500. … Voxer is a free application that can be downloaded onto any iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod), or Android device.

How do I retrieve old voxer messages?

Unlimited Message Storage

  1. Messages cleared from a chat (or previously deleted chats) are not available. …
  2. To retrieve your older messages, you will need to scroll back as far as you can, pull down to load (refresh) those older messages.
  3. Remember now, it can take time to restore all those messages to your device.

Does voxer show up on phone bill?

Why kids like it: The attraction of Voxer for teens is that it works real-time just like a walkie-talkie. … This feature also means an unwise teen can use Voxer to send bullying group texts, chat with strangers, or send inappropriate photos user-to-user without it showing up on a parent’s phone bill.

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Is voxer safe to use?

While all Voxer messages are secure, when you create a Private Chat, only the person who is receiving your message can listen, read, or see it. No one else. Not even us. That’s end-to-end encryption.

How is voxer different from texting?

As opposed to many messaging apps out there, Voxer is an audio messaging app. … It’s not via texting. A text message can set you back 15+ seconds while sending an audio message can allow you to get your point across instantaneously.

Does voxer work without Internet?

Similar to other apps, depending on your wireless plan and phone settings, Voxer uses either WiFi or data to send your messages. All messages on Voxer; audio, text and image messages are sent using WiFi or data. If WiFi is unavailable, Voxer will switch over to data.

Do voxer messages expire?

On the users’ devices as well as Voxer servers, text, photo, and voice messages (“Messages”) will be deleted when they are older than the specified retention period. … This anonymized data does not contain audio, image, or text content from messages.

Can voxer track your location?

Voxer’s Location Sharing feature enables you to view your friend’s location of the last vox they sent. With Location Sharing, friends can view your location too. … By default, Location Sharing will be enabled in your Voxer app.

Is voxer free internationally?

We pick the best available network to send a message. The message is sent as the data is received. Voxer also works on the web and allows for easy international communication at no additional cost, and allows for group chats of up to 500 users, while EPTT only allows for 200.

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How long do messages stay on voxer?


What is recall on voxer?

An application that Lets You Take Back Your Message

Luckily, with an audio messaging app like Voxer, you can take that unwanted message back with the click of a button and earn back control of your messages. Our recall message feature is available to Android and iOS users on our Pro and Business subscriptions.

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