What song is in the iphone 7 commercial

What song is used in the Apple commercial?

AppleMusic.infoDateWhere usedSong Title2020/02/27Shot on iPhone 11 Pro — Lady Gaga videoStupid Love2020/02/22A journey into the Valley of Fire — Shot on iPhone videoFrontier2020/02/06iPhone 11 — Night mode videoWe Only Come Out At Night2020/02/02Apple Arcade — A new world to play in videoWelcome to My World

What is the name of the song in the T Mobile commercial?

In the lead up to the Super Bowl kickoff, Foo Fighters got an extra boost from T-Mobile, who used the instrumental of the band’s song “Walk” in their latest 5G-teasing spot.

What is the name of the song in the Pandora commercial?

You Bring Me Joy

Are you even real Apple commercial?

The latest Apple “Behind the Mac” ad spot features Grammy award-winning artist James Blake at work in his L.A. home studio. … In the latest installment of the ad campaign, Blake can be seen working on his latest track, “Are you even real,” using Logic Pro X on his MacBook Pro.

Who sings Welcome to my world in the Apple commercial?

Dean Martin’s

Who sings the song in the Pandora advert?

Sophia Urista

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